Sweetened Condensed Milk Tea

Seasonal Sunday

Whether it’s a gloomy rainy day or a sunny afternoon, tea time should always be on the menu in my opinion. This might be because I am not a coffee drinker, but don’t worry I’m not a coffee hater- my husband practically has it on an IV drip. When it comes to tea there is a flavor for every mood and when you want that sweet dessert tea I have got just the recipe for you. Rather then dumping spoonfuls of sugar (no offense Mary Poppins) let’s get that tea nice and creamy! Then it is sure to feel like a treat! Grab a can of sweetened and condensed milk and your favorite tea, since it’s strawberry season right now why not strawberry rhubarb? We scored this delicious tea back when we were in New York at the infamous Chelsea market.


  • Your favorite tea, we made Strawberry Rhubarb- yum!
  • Sweetened Condensed milk

strawberry rhubarb tea with milk_0000

Simply pour a spot of tea…

strawberry rhubarb tea with milk_0002

Then a spoonful of the sweetened and condensed milk….

strawberry rhubarb tea with milk_0003strawberry rhubarb tea with milk_0004

Whirl and stir..

strawberry rhubarb tea with milk_0005

So delicious and creamy!

The perfect Sunday afternoon treat 🙂



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