Sunburst Accent Wall

We all know I have a “thing” for accent walls. I just love the statement you can make with some simple paint and tape. From my scallops to my abstract trees and arrows– I like my accent walls. It’s no surprise that I just had to have one in my new bedroom make over. Have you seen the other projects I have been working on in the room? Super fun right? Well now to bring one more element into the room- a sunburst. I originally saw this picture on pinterest and was drawn to the geometrics but more importantly OMBRE. It’s such an easy wall to create, simple tape off and start painting and adding white paint along the way. Let’s get started!

Step one: Tape your area creating a “sunburst” or better yet a pizza. I had three sections in my burst.


Step two: Next I started with the smaller section- the white. Paint this section pure white. Then move to the outer sections and add take your base color (mine was grey) and add a little white. Simply eyeball it- there is no perfect formula. Keep this up until you get to the section immediately across from the white, now you will paint the pure grey with no white added. Got it? Just think back to your color wheel basics!!

p.s. if you need to do more than one coat I suggest making excess paint while mixing- it’s pretty hard to make that exact color again


Step three: Once you have painted let it dry, then add another coat if needed. I waited overnight for fear that it would ruin all my handwork if it was too early!!


All is coming together! As you can see I didn’t quite go in order since I was trying to create the perfect complimenting grey’s.

room re-do_0000

There you have it! So simple but yet such a statement! It’s like a little corner of sunshine on my wall.



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