Starting New Succulents

Trendy Tuesday

Okay, okay.  This isn’t a news flash, I think.  Succulents are a massive trend both for interior design and full on landscapes.  And why not?  They come in a shockingly large range of hues and textures.  Then there is the simple fact that they are a dreamy cinch to take care of…gotta love plants that aren’t fussy!

And then there is the super cool fact that propagating them (aka making new little baby succulents to pepper your pots and garden), is so simple and easy.

replanting succulents_0000

In the past, I have simply cut off stems to throw into pots.  It works, but this little leaf technique is super cool!  Simply break off a leaf, pulling downward so that you get a nice clean break.   Now for the hard part….

replanting succulents_0001

Lay the leaves on top of some succulent/cacti soil.  Gently water and then wait…

replanting succulents_0002

After a little over a week, you will start to see baby roots trying to find the soil.  I love the shades of pink!  Soon each leaf will sprout a baby plantlet.  See it before.

replanting succulents_0003

More baby plants!  I have a permanent smile right now!

Have fun with some frugal gardening, cuties!!



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