Spearhead Coffee, Paso Robles


Working from home has it’s perks….like wearing whatever comfortable clothes you feel like, making lunch in your own kitchen and maybe even burning a favorite scented candle all while working? Ha! But with that said it can also be a little monotonous when you have heaps of emails and computer work. With that said- today we venture to Paso to check out a new coffee shop and get some computer work done. Have you been to Spearhead coffee ¬†shop yet? Not only do they brew their own coffee but they have a great space that is wonderful for hanging and sipping on a beverage (hot or cold!).


We were loving how open and airy the coffee shop is overall, check it out!!


We are a sucker for indoor plants, lightbulbs and wood- oh happy day!


This painting had Chanda pretty darn tempted- you see that zesty green in the corner? heck yes!


I ordered up an iced chai and chanda had a latte- both of us were very happy with our sippers….


Now back to work to reply to inquiries….



Sam & Chanda

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