SloCo Pasty Co. for St. Patrick’s Day Fun!


Happy St. Paddy’s Day…one day early!!

This is such a great holiday full of rich history.  It is a day that celebrates the famous Roman-British missionary Saint Patrick, who brought Christianity to Ireland.  Obviously, sharing a pint with friends is a familiar way to celebrate this commemoration.  Perhaps you are more of a foodie and even break out a mean corned beef & cabbage with some Irish soda bread on the side.  Yum!

Today, we decided to do something a little different, but familiar.  Actually originating from across a bit of sea in Cornwall, the pasty (pronounced: pas-tee) may not have been “born” in Ireland, but it definitely belongs to the Irish food tradition.  I guess it is not hard to believe that two seafaring cultures separated by a slice of ocean would share food traditions.


The origins are super cool though…yep, I am the TOTAL NERD who has actually watched a documentary about these little meat pies.  I guess this is why I am a self-declared jeopardy/junk knowledge queen!  Here is a little back history for ya:

The pasty was created out of necessity.  Filled with piping hot meat, the Cornish miners would carry the pasties in their pockets to work, functioning as a hand-warmer on the crazy cold mornings they walked to the mines.  With the dirty nature of their work, the crimped edge of pastry along the edge of the pasty worked as the perfect “handle” to hold while they chomped away on their lunch of pastry filled with meat and potatoes.  Hardy and sustaining, once they finished the pasty, they tossed off the crimped edge made dirty by their miners hands.  The part I love in the story, is that the tin they mined had traces of arsenic, so tossing the edge literally saved their lives!  So cool!  I love food history!!

Good news, the SloCo Pasty Co. in downtown San Luis Obispo is doing a darn good job of keeping this tradition alive…while mixin’ it up with a little bit of California flare.


Rich history combined with all this St. Paddy’s Day flare sure puts a gal in the mood for some good Irish grub!


Haha, if you ever see us in a restaurant, you have got to look for this picture being repeated!  Sam and I are notorious for being THE slowest orderers.  We are always afraid of missing out on the perfect order.  We deliberate and talk it out like total nerds…usually winding up sharing a couple of things because we feel completely incapable of narrowing it down to just one selection.  Especially when the menu is as good as this one!


First order up does not require a huge imagination!  Any meal fit for St. Paddy’s Day should begin with a gorgeous pint of Guinness.  Yum!

Drinking a pint and waiting for the ultimate comfort food to come to our table, it is fun to walk around and check out all the cool photos of miners from Cornwall that cover the walls.  The pasty has such a cool and unique history, it is awesome to see a place like the SloCo Pasty Co. do it justice.


Just remember to keep an eye out for the uber cool pewter platters being brought to your table as you wonder, you will not want to be tardy for all that hot, flaky goodness!


Above, Sam ordered the Aporkrodite: Pork loin, feta, gorgonzola, cream cheese, bacon, and chives combine to make this a truly heavenly pasty accompanied by a creamy gorgonzola sauce on the side


I went a little less Cali and dove into a super authentic Steak, Guinness & Cheddar pasty loaded with carrots and peas.  The red wine gravy served on the side was ridiculous!

And below, Jessica dug into the Chicken & Brie: Chicken and melted cheese unite in this pasty. Marinated chicken breast, brie cheese, roasted red bell peppers, and oven roasted red potatoes flavored with rosemary and garlic make this a delicious favorite. Served with a side of brown gravy for dippin’


These two girls are more than a little happy!!


Happy bellies!


Dang, it can be a little embarrassing when we scrape our plates clean.  Remember to savour and not hoover your food when you give this place a visit!  It is super important to make sure and wash your food down with a good pint.  😉


Now with full blown “food babies,” we are ready to hit the streets for some shopping and hang out time!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Chanda & Sam

Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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