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Chanda and I had promised our dear photographer, Anya, that we would soon be making a stop to SLO Provisions . Have you been here yet? We were starting to drool after seeing a few instagram shots. Since we were in SLO on a lunch break, it couldn’t have been a more perfect time to stop in for a quick bite. Not only were we impressed with their delicious food but also how  open and airy the space was. We are suckers for ambiance and they certainly did a great job incorporating some of our favorite colors (ehmm YELLOW) and pops of red to really make a statement the second you walk into the door. The space was clean and open with lots of eye candy from the unique light fixtures to the protea plants in bud vases. Oh wait I guess I should talk about the food now…haaha the designer in me was getting a little giddy….the food was amazing as well! Very fresh and very family friendly. I recently had a friend who was pregnant so I grabbed a family dinner complete with a rotisserie chicken, sides, a salad and dessert- can’t go wrong!! I would definitely recommend for lunch or dinner on the go, or even a fun little date night action!

SLO Provisions_0005

SLO Provisions_0004

SLO Provisions_0000SLO Provisions_0001SLO Provisions_0002SLO Provisions_0003SLO Provisions_0006SLO Provisions_0007SLO Provisions_0008SLO Provisions_0009SLO Provisions_0010SLO Provisions_0011SLO Provisions_0012

We started off with some housemade potato chips, I will NEVER turn down a potato chip like this….

SLO Provisions_0013

Then we moved onto our greens, still drooling over this perfect kale and roasted cauliflower salad…..

SLO Provisions_0014

And nothing like a classic french baguette with brie and ham!

SLO Provisions_0015

We also managed to order the special which was a delicious pulled pork with smoked mozzarella- perfection!

SLO Provisions_0016

And for finishers? A classic smokey deviled egg- yum!

SLO Provisions_0017SLO Provisions_0018

I hope you are able to stop by sometime soon, let us know what you order!



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