Skyler & Michaela’s Big Sur Campground Rehearsal Dinner

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One of our favorite part’s about catering and designing weddings is the fact that each couple is so unique, making for each weekend to be one of a kind. From a different menu to a new venue or color scheme, we love the creativity that our couples have and how it shines through into their big day. This wedding and rehearsal dinner is just another perfect example- meet Skyler and Michaela. They are carefree, artistic, love nature as well as good food and music. Their wedding and rehearsal was nothing short of this. (oh and I did I mention Skyler is my brother, so this was an EXTRA special celebration for us!!) We loaded up our cars and zest hit the road for a weekend long celebration in Big Sur, CA. Big Sur was where Skyler popped the question so it only seemed fitting to tie the knot here as well, plus where else can you fund such a gorgeous setting as this? Since this weekend was filled with so much beauty we thought it best to really soak it in, let’s start with the rehearsal dinner and next week we will show off the wedding. ¬†All the lovely photos were captured by the fabulous¬†Anya McInroy!! (we love you!!)

This heartfelt evening consisted of a “backyard” BBQ campout for guests to enjoy. Before they unpacked to get settled in their cabins and join the campfire, guests were greeted with adorable “goodie bags” and a personalized itinerary for the weekend that listed all of Skyler & Michaela’s favorite hot spots in Big Sur.





For the rehearsal dinner BBQ the setting couldn’t be more perfect, with towering Redwood trees and a nearby stream- it was pure MAGIC.





As guests trickled in everyone was met with warm smiles, hugs and a glass of vino!




We started the night off with a homemade crostini bar where guests could grab a crostini and choose spreads of their liking- from traditional bruschetta to mushroom tapenade and more!


Then we dove into dinner with BBQ chicken, bratwursts, black bean and corn salad as well as pasta salad and grilled veggies- mmmm!


As the sun began to set Miss Chanda Panda got a roaring fire going and guests snuggled around to tell stories, play music and feast some more….


Can’t forget the milk and homemade cookies!!


This rehearsal dinner was the perfect intro to the weekend, so intimate and beautiful- filled with SO much love already!!



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