Skinny Mango & Toasted Coconut Dessert

Savouring Saturday

Perhaps it is because I turned 39 today and have a goal of physical fitness before I hit the landmark 4-0 year, but today I wanted to share with y’all a little way to get your sweet on without overindulging.

Yes, chia seeds and acai bowls are all the rage….and I LOVE them.  But in my house, the mango reigns supreme.  Seriously, you should hear how badly my kids beg every time we walk by them in the grocery store.  You would think they were chocolate covered donuts or a gummy candy of some sort.  I guess that I should pat myself on the back a bit for raising up three kids who balance their cravings for junk food with their love of whole foods.  Pat, pat, as I roll my own eyes.

Anyhew, this little creation is a balancing act all on it’s own.  It is such a refreshing mixture of sweet, sour and creamy that it has quickly become a favorite for me this summer.


The recipe is simple and pretty darn clean.


1 large mango

Shredded coconut, toasted (about half a bag…or more if you love it)

2 limes, zested

Juice of 1 lime (or 2 if they are not juicy)

1 tbls of honey (or to taste)

Plain Greek yogurt


Feel free to use unsweetened, shredded coconut if you are really trying to eat as clean as possible.  I, on the other hand, wanted my addiction to sweet, toasted coconut satisfied.  Regardless of which type you use, spread it out on a cookie try and bake it at 350 degrees.


In the meantime, tackle dicing up your mango.

If the mango is new for you, know that the seed is narrow in one direction, and wide in another.  It is basically an oblong disc in shape.  If you look at the top of the mango, find the narrow width of the mango and begin to slice downward from top to bottom….about half an inch from dead center so that you do not strike the seed.


Once you finish slicing a half an inch from the center on the other side, you will be left with a one inch slice that is the seed.  This is the piece my kids fight over 😉 …they all love to suck any of the fruit that is left on the seed.


The simplest way to dice up a mango is to then draw you blade across the flesh in the two halves, making a grid of slices much like you would do to an avocado.  However, instead of scooping your cubes out with a spoon, press on the thick skin of the mango until your cubes protrude like a porcupine.  Then just slice them off the skin.  It’s kind of fun 🙂


Now simply add in the zest and juice of the limes, plus the honey.  Giving all the ingredients a good toss, so that the flavors meld.


All along, DO NOT forget about your coconut.  It can go from almost done to destroyed in no time at all.  Make sure that you are constantly checking and stirring until the coconut reaches a gorgeous tan.

Funny side note:  I have not looked up any of the chemistry that happens when you toast coconut, but the fumes will literally kill your eyeballs!!!  Hence the cool onion goggles that I am wearing.  No joke, we are talking majorly painful….so protect yourself.  You may hate this more than dicing onions…but the treat of eating it is so worth the sacrifice. 🙂


I personally love to toss the coconut in while it is piping hot.  It does such a good job at helping the mango get extra juicy.  On the other hand, if you let it cool, the mango will not juice out much and the coconut will retain a bit more crunch.


Once all the ingredients are tossed together, give your servings a nice dollop of plain Greek yogurt.  The creaminess really takes this dish to a new level of satisfaction.  Nom nom!


Bon apetit and happy clean eating on this gorgeous Saturday in July!  Muah!!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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