Simple DIY Rice Comfort Sachet

Computer work and screen time can definitely bring on the tension headaches for us!  I HATE having to resort to over-the-counter-meds.  I have been reading about Acetaminophen poisoning from overuse and my family history with tummy troubles always has be running the opposite way from the super abrasive nature of Ibuprofen. Yes, they can kill a headache in about 15 minutes, but I do not want them to kill my long term overall health!

Browsing around our blog, you will see tons of natural/holistic treatments that we have tinkered with and have become fully committed to as our first lines of defense for health.  Why not for a heachache??  I mean, it is the ailment that plagues us on a routine basis.


There are so many essential oils that can help knock those nasty migraines down to size, but today we are going for some cozy, comfortable heat.  Combined with the natural weight and pliability of rice grains, this sachet makes for some serious “AHHHHHHHhhhhhhhs.”


I actually grabbed some cute fabric swatches that I had picked up at a thrift store a while back.  You can make this project even more “thrifty” by using an old t-shirt, sheet, dress, or whatever.  The type of material is not important…just that you have a decent swatch to work with.


Cutting a long and wide rectangle, fold it in half lengthwise.  Make sure you have the fabric inside out for this step.  Pin along the open edge and sew the long side seam together….you can do this by hand or with a sewing machine easily.  It is just a straight line…no biggie.


Make sure to sew up the short ends as well….but MAKE SURE to leave a little opening on one end!!


Tying it off, it is time to turn the whole thing right side out!

Be patient, this long snake will take a sec to pull right side out for sure.


Once your sachet is right side out, grab a funnel from the kitchen and a bowl of uncooked rice.


Filler’ up!!!


Once the sachet is completely filled, sew your little opening up.


Time for the heat!

Simply place your new sachet in the microwave for a minute or two.

Ahhhhhhh…sweet relief!


I love simple solutions!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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