Silver wire wrapped ring

Perhaps you are like me, and you love quick diy projects that give you the satisfaction of moving you speedily from start to finish.  If you are a list maker and you love to check things off, this project may be for you!

The other evening, while nosing around through my stash of odds and ends, I found a bead that perfectly matched my dark turquoise cashmere sweater.  Now, normally, I like to bust out jewelry as my go-to present for friends and family….but this was pure selfishness!  I grabbed my sterling silver plated wire (readily available at any craft store like Micheal’s) and made a cocktail styled ring.  Check it out!

DSC_1204I first threaded my bead onto the wire…and then it was a matter of wrapping.  In order to save time (yay!) and frustration (a double YAY!), find any cylindrical shaped object that would be close to the measurement of your finger.

DSC_1205As you may be able to tell from the pic, I chose my daughter’s Crayola glue lid….I’m tellin’ you, I’m a Queen of Make-Do!  Now, just start wrapping several times, until you build up your desired thickness of band for your finger.

Once you slip the ring off of your “model”, bring the wire up toward the bead and begin to wrap around the base of the bead.

DSC_1206As you wrap, you will be making almost a nest for your bead.  How many times you wrap is entirely up to you and your eye for design!  Once finished, cut the wire and use some needle nose pliers to bend the wire end to tuck it discreetly down between the bead and it’s nest (that way you won’t scratch yourself with your new ring).

DSC_1210I love the look of the band!  It almost has the appearance of stacking rings.  However, the front profile of the ring is even better!  And it looks gorgeous with my sweater 🙂

photo-4Happy day!  A quick project that I was able to enjoy right away!!  Love it!  I hope you get a chance to try this technique out.  It’s so simple and fast.  I have even done it with large fresh water pearls before (those were for gifts…I’m not always selfish with my jewelry creations..haha).

Thanks for checking in to see what we have been Zestin’!



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