Silky, Sexy Summer Legs Scrub

Jess here!

Anyone else feel like every time they shave their legs, they’re left with dry skin and angry pores that you’re not tryin’ to show off? You’re not alone. Check out my flaky “before” legs… I’m sorry you had to see that.silk_legs_sugar_scrub_0005We all want those shiny, silky legs that feel just as yummy as they look. I guarantee this easy home-made recipe will give you those summer legs you’ve always dreamed of!

silky_legs_sugar_scrub_0001One of the best parts of this concoction is that you probably already have all the ingredients lying around your kitchen. All you’ll need is 1 cup sugar, 1/2 cup olive oil, and 1 fresh lemon. Too easy!

silk_legs_sugar_scrub_0002Mix together your olive oil and sugar.Pretty colors, right?!


Cut up your lemon squeeze it out to give this mixture the acidic juices it needs.

silk_legs_sugar_scrub_0004Stir thoroughly until you get a nice blend that looks temptingly like a nice frozen margarita. (Try not to drink it…)

Now draw yourself a nice relaxing hot bath. I’ve spared you the photo evidence, but try to pay attention: this is the most important part!

First things first, shave your legs as you normally would, with soap or shaving cream.

Next you’ll take a handful of your sugar scrub and vigorously scrub your legs. It feels quite nice for both your legs and your hands.

Now, shave your legs again, this time using the scrub in place of your regular soap. The heat of your bath water and initial shave will have opened the pores up nicely… which is when the dry skin usually comes out to play. But shaving your legs again with the sugar scrub mixture will actually be shaving all that dry skin residue off! You’ll see what I’m talking about when you look at your razor…

Once you’ve finished shaving (for the second time), vigorously scrub your legs one more time and rinse. Do I sound repetitive? Just trust me. And re-heat your bath water if you need to. 😉


My legs have never felt so silky smooth and moisturized!! I now do this at least once a week. And I’m pretty sure my hubby loves it just as much as I do!

silk_legs_sugar_scrub_0007To finish up, moisturize your legs (although they don’t feel like they need it.) Try this light Sweet Almond Skin Care Oil for an alternative moisturizer if you’re like me and hate the feel of lotion.

I hope this changes your legs’ lives, too. Feel free to double or triple this recipe to make a batch that will last you for a few weeks… just stick it in the fridge and mix it up again whenever you’re ready to use!

Shine on, friends!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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