Sheet Metal Magnetic Board

Chanda and I have been busily zesting our new office space, from the floor to the walls and the ceiling- we are attacking every space with new eyes! It has been so fun to create ambiance in the space that screams “us.” The space has become colorful but yet industrial and homey all while still being a productive office space- that is not one easy task! We have been dividing up the spaces into different programs and then finding functional decor for each one, and that is exactly what today’s post is all about. Our first office will be our “showroom” where we will have shelves with our online merchandise, a seating area for clients  and last but not least a wall of “thanks.” After all, when you are looking for the trust of your client there is no easier way to gain it than having good references. So with that we set out for a fun and functional way to display our “thank you” cards from previous clients. We knew we wanted to keep the presentation simple so that the cards could really steal the show. We grabbed some scrap metal from ReStore  and got to work!


Sheet metal (size depends on your space)


Hex screws & drill

Metal Plier Cutters


We scored a roll of the sheet metal and cut using metal plier cutters. to our dimensions..


Next I drilled the hex screws into the sheet metal to secure the sheet to the wall…


Grab some magnets and get to town!


I love that the sheet metal is the perfect industrial look to our space, it’s so clean and simple but allows the color from the “thank you” cards to POP! This would be great in a classroom, in the kitchen for art or lists or even as a calendar.


A “thank you” to all our zesty family!!



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