Shamrock Pancakes with Kale

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Happy March, fellow Zesters!  It’s time for a little leprachaun shenanigans!

Can I get a woot-woot for chlorophyll?  It’s the magical biomolecule that plants use to absorb energy from the sun and makes them my FAVORITE color: GREEN!  Green is said to be the favorite color of geniuses (wow, that came off as a pat on my own back, yikes)…maybe it’s due to all the fabulous nutrients that is packed into that miraculous color!  So many awesome vitamins to feed our bodies.  It is even a plant based protein.  Gosh, green is awesome!

So, how about for St. Patrick’s Day, you start off the morn with same chlorophyll that makes the shamrock awesome.  Put down the food coloring, and bust out some kale or spinach for a vibrant green pancake mix.  My kids love to watch the chlorophyll break down and turn cow juice a bright spring green.  Check it out!

kale and spinach pancakes_0000

Shamrock Pancakes with Kale

2 cups of regular or Gluten Free pancake mix

1 1/2 cups milk

1 cups of kale, or a mix of kale & spinach

eggs (if your packaged pancake mix requires)


kale and spinach pancakes_0001Sam and I consider ourselves very lucky to have an established supply of such power foods as kale and spinach in our Zest garden.  Not only to we get peak nutrients by picking them fresh, but we can literally create pancakes like these on a whim!
kale and spinach pancakes_0002Remove the tough stems of the kale and add your leafy greens into a food processor along with your milk or milk alternative (almond milk is a personal favorite).kale and spinach pancakes_0003It is CRAZY important to blend this mix for at least a minute.  Why?  ‘Cuz my kids want to see the fun green, but don’t want to see their “greens!”  Actually, that probably rings true for most adults, too. Just whirl away until you release all that chlorophyll into a bright soupy brew.kale and spinach pancakes_0004Add your green concoction (that is minus the bad chemicals found in food coloring btw) to you dry ingredients and stir until moistened.  Remember to never over-mix….unless you dig little hard, chewy pancakes. 😉kale and spinach pancakes_0005Zesty green!!!kale and spinach pancakes_0006Warm up your pan, add a pat of butter and then get cooking!  Obviously, these little hearts are cute “tools,” but feel free to simply use a spoon or squeeze bottle to “draw” some hearts with your batter.  Don’t forget a “stem” pancake, as well!
kale and spinach pancakes_0007Once the pancakes create bubbles that pop and the edges begin to dry a bit, flip your pancakes over.  Serve three hearts and a stem for a little shamrock magic.  (If you want to show someone some extra love, give them a four leaf clover 😉 ).kale and spinach pancakes_0008kale and spinach pancakes_0009Serve these fun, but healthy pancakes up with some agave syrup on honey.  And get ready for some shocked faces when you reveal that they just ate their “greens” for breakfast!

Happy & healthy eating!!

Irish kisses xxxx


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