Sextant Winery, the Old Edna Townsite and a ridiculously Zesty shop!!

Can I get a woot-woot for wine tasting with the girls in Edna Valley?! 

My sis just came up from LA to celebrate my 37th…GULP.  What better way to relish the first couple days of a new year than soaking up some rays in beautiful wine country.  I have decided that instead of dreading the looming proximity of 40, I am seizing the day and enjoying life with the ones I love.  So, my mom and sis hit Edna Valley with me for some crisp and surprisingly complex white wines….and we weren’t disappointed.  We stopped at a few different wineries, but Sextant was such a visual gem of an adventure, that I just had to share with y’all.


At first, it was the wine that nabbed me…num-nums.


20130713_133629Their Grenache was gorgeous with my pulled pork and citrusy jicama slaw…totally a taste of summer.  20130713_142256Seriously, who can resist the chance to have some good food while sharing some delicious vino under the California sun?  Even the chickens wanted to get in on the action!


After lunch, I got the chance to do some exploring around the grounds with my mom and sis….and man, was there a lot to see!

20130713_13424820130713_133117Oops…a locked door…NEXT20130713_150743Can’t get more San Luis Obispo than chickens and bicycles….oops, those were the doves.  The chickens were all free range….now that is totally California!20130713_13304120130713_143900

20130713_143933Ummm, and why wasn’t this tree house in my backyard when I was growing up??



And history literally abounds at Sextant, as it’s home of the Old Edna Townsite.20130713_13451720130713_13462020130713_143851

20130713_150754And do my deceiving eyes trick me…or is that a sign for an antique store over yonder by those goats??


Well “HELLO” to the cutest little store, open but one weekend a month (lucky timing, seriously)!

20130713_145135Willow Nest is the sweetest little shop artistically filled with little treasures that truly deserve the title “antique”.  Linda has found beautiful gems from all over the US and Europe.  Her treasure trove of lovelies has items that date back to the 1800’s…I just had to snap a couple of pix for you all to savor!

20130713_145334In keeping with her image of Willow Nest, she found this beautiful paper dove garland from France that she has delightfully draped through the curly willow decorating her ceiling and signage.  But wait, there is more!

20130713_144353The entrance to Willow Nest is heralded by regal birdhouses and unique ornamentation.

20130713_150532And once you are inside, the shabby chic world envelops you like a soft white cashmere blanket…so divine!

20130713_14470920130713_145441How about a wedding parasol from France, circa sometime in the 1800’s?

20130713_145431Not your style?  How about this one??

20130713_14540020130713_144930My sister seriously wanted to steal this cherub’s crown for her future wedding day.  Tee-hee.

20130713_14475320130713_144803Ridiculously unique!  Such a statement piece.

And more still….

20130713_14511220130713_14465620130713_145032Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy.  And did I mention that I scored the most perfect lavender dress from this precious cottage shop? Love!

So, if you are ever in town…promise me you will stop by Sextant and grab a glass of vino with a big side order of sunshine and good company.  And do yourself a favor, check Willow Nest’s facebook page to see if they will be open before you plan your visit.

Carpe diem, lovelies!



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