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For today’s Friday finds, I decided to share with you some of the things that I am most jazzed about of late.  As a mama of three who juggles school shenanigans and sibling debates right along with all the crazy fun of entrepreneurship, it is so darn important to me that I maintain a basic awareness of self care.  I know first hand just how easy it can be to put oneself last in the mad dash to get everything done.  However, I have found a renewed commitment towards self care, especially when viewing it as a solution towards having even more to give to my loved ones.  Sounds quirky? Maybe, but I strongly believe that if you care for yourself, you are only that much more whole and capable of giving to those around you.


Did you know about the difference to your health that sleep can make?  It’s honestly ridiculous, but so fabulously simple.  That whole principle of needing to get your “beauty sleep” actually has substance.  Who woulda thunk?  In fact, it is claimed that one hour of extra sleep at bedtime is as good as two hours of sleeping-in time.  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find it super difficult to be self disciplined enough to go to bed in a timely fashion.  When my computer is calling my name late at night, the only thing that I find  enticing enough to get me to unplug and nuzzle down are my bamboo sheets.  Call me crazy, but the insane softness of these beautiful sheets literally beckons me to rest.  I dare you to touch these beauties and not hopelessly fall down into a Snow White type slumber!

bamboo sheets


Tea, tea, and more tea. The antioxidants found in tea should not be overlooked. Honestly, I still love my cup o’ Joe in the AM, but tea is quickly becoming my fuel. It is not just a source for caffeine, y’all. Nope, it’s jam packed with nutrients for your body. Matcha is one of my go-to’s in order to energize, prevent cancer, improve my immune system and delight my tastebuds. Green tea is a great option, but there are so many medicinal and herbal teas out there! I have recently discovered Plum Deluxe. I love that they are a subscription tea box that brings organic, fair-trade creations right to your door. They are a great way to give yourself a cup o’ hugs!

Plum Deluxe loose leaf tea and a purple tea pot and tea cupOverhead of two hands cupping a ceramic mug of matcha tea

Find these awesome, handmade ceramic mugs with which to savour your teatime at our Shop.

Next step towards self care is the basic art of journaling. In a world that is increasingly sped up with technology and almost impossible to unplug in, journaling offers me a simple way to focus my brain away from the daily activity of multitasking. Taking a moment to be quiet and find my internal voice is so crucial for distressing and discovering. Our beautiful wood finished journal allows me to center myself and my thoughts with the added perk of the warmth of wood at my fingertips!


This self care tip is a no brainer! Make sure to get extra nuzzle time with your fur friends. Talk about therapy! A quiet snuggle with your kitty or pups will melt away tension like magic. Make things extra special with things like this DIY kitty bed for your fur buddy. Trust me, the love will be returned!

Pictures of Chanda with her kitty and her daughter Evie
A DIY kitty bed lined with furClose up picture of Chanda' siamese cat sitting on sheepskin fur

Finally, take time to do things that you love! Our days are filled with responsibilities and have-to’s. All things good and very adult, I am sure. Don’t fret, just make sure to take time and remember who you were as a kid, before all those responsibilities and chores started to eat up your days and weeks. Yep, you need that balance. The balance of bringing the insatiable lust of fun that you had as a kid back into your life. At first, reading a book in the middle of your Saturday or going for hikes in the rain may seem like guilty pleasures that aren'”getting things done,” but know that it is getting YOU done with stress of being constantly task focused. The old redwoods of the Jedediah Redwoods Forest is one of my many happy places for unplugging and resyncing!

Chanda standing amongst the redwoods of Jedediah forest

I hope you are feeling amped and excited to pay attention to you for a moment. Remember, life is short, so make sure to balance those responsibilites in your life with moment of joy and peace.

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