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What’s Up Wednesday

This past weekend was a whirlwind.  I seriously do not know how the heck Sam and I managed to pull off all the things we did.  I do not know how, but we managed to help our bride and groom this weekend throw a beautiful garden wedding, then drive clear down to Costa Mesa where we attended a Cake Expo, then headed over to West Hollywood for some fabulous eats and a visit with my sissy, then we meandered over Laurel Canyon to rest our noggins until morning.  After a sweet night sleep at the iconic Sportsmen’s Lodge, we managed to fit in brunch and an amazing tour of The Huntington Library & Gardens (a personal favorite of mine since my 18th birthday).  Finishing up with some great gastro-pub grub in Pasadena, we finally made our way back to San Luis Obispo.  With much gratitude, we landed our heads happily on our pillows by 10pm.  Yikes!

In honor of all that craziness, we wanted to share some images of some of the fun.  I warn you that there are a ton!  This is no exaggeration…but we really wanted to take you along for the ride.  So, here we go…..

See Canyon Fruit Ranch 


Saturday’s wedding was gorgeous and sweet.  The setting could not have been more idyllic.


We loved our bride’s adorable little DIY cigar bar.  Simple, understated, and very much enjoyed!


Opting to avoid the typical sign-in book, guests were asked to sign Jenga pieces for the couple.


There was plenty of fun food for grazing throughout the celebration.


A wonderful night complete, it was time for a little shut eye before our alarm clocks went off at 5:30am.

The Cake Expo 

Soooo, this is what we looked like when we finally arrived in Costa Mesa.  Thank goodness, because we started out pretty disheveled and groggy!  It was comical doing inverted-upside-down braids in the passenger seat…talk about carsick!


On first entering the Expo, we could not help but freak out over these giant paper flowers!  They come in a simple kit and in a rainbow of colors.


Sam’s mom (aka Mama Rita) is a baking fiend and the reason why we even ventured down for this Expo.  She had invited us down for this little excursion, and we could never say “no.”  It was a chance for some excellent girl-time and maybe some great take-aways.  We could not wait to see what was in store.


One could say that the sugar was reason enough to drive 4 hours down to Costa Mesa, but we were stoked at some of the techniques we learned.  Joshua John Russel did a pretty sweet tutorial on making and using edible lace for decorating cakes.  Just in case you are not abreast of the who’s who of the pastry world, Joshua John Russel was actually named one of the top 10 cake artists of America.  Not to shabby, if ya ask me!


The lace was insane, but others were busy strutting their stuff at the Expo, as well.  Check it out:


Yep, kinda HAD to ask to take a picture with this lady!

“I bake because punching people is frowned upon.”


And, just in time for the box office!


Sooo much sugar!  With a bit of a sugar headache, we were so ready to explore some LA restaurants for some solid grub.  But that is for another post!


Sam & Chanda

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