Secret Garden Wedding Dress & Flowers

021Sam-Billy(W)We are so excited to reveal a few of our Secret Garden Photoshoot pics today!! But because it wouldn’t be a Zest shoot without some DIY sprinkled in, I thought I would show you how we transformed my very own wedding dress for the shoot. (not to worry no permanent alterations mom!) 🙂  SO there we have it, the lovely before pic- all lace and more of a trumpet styled wedding dress. But just not screaming “secret garden” at us. So chanda and I went off to the drawing board…

IMG_4912Our photographer friend Lynne with Image Paradigm gave us some curtains she did’nt need anymore. They were white…sheer…and we had a ton- so why not? SnIp sNiP away into squares with a circle in the center to slide over the brides head and cinch on the waste like below…

IMG_4914We tied a scarf around my waste and added a flower from my headband- coming along! We also wanted to zest up our bridesmaid dresses by making some silk flowers belts to tie in the bride with the bridesmaids.

photo copy 2So Chanda snagged this blue silk maternity shirt from the thrift store, a little too blue if you ask us. We actually dyed the fabric with yellow Rit Dye and then took it a step further and soaked the fabric in coffee grounds to get this darker lush green seen below

IMG_4910Next Chanda was busy cutting circles and burning the edges so we could make flowers for the belts…

IMG_4909Then time to scrunch and sew..even Lucy is creepin’ in on the tutorial 🙂

Ready for the big debut of the wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses, not to mention our amazingly beautiful models (you might recognize a few) 🙂 Taylerenerle.comThanks for watchin’ us Zest today, hope you have a great Monday!



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