Secret Garden Photoshoot at Sage

Hello there Zesters!

I have been teasing you with our DIY Wedding dress and then our DIY Vanity and even our DIY futon slip cover, before I go and show you how we made our daybed and coffee table I think I better show off the shoot!! (I know, I know the suspense was killin’ ya) 🙂

Our Awesome Team of Vendors: (we like to think zesters at heart)

Photography: Tayler Enerle

Cake Artist & Baker: Kathy Callahan (

Site Location: Sage Eco Gardens

Florist: Amy Smart with Sage Eco Gardens

Hair &Make-up: Bri with Bride Made Beautiful

Catering/Rentals & Decor/Design & styling: Us of course!🙂 Taylerenerle.comSAGEECOGARDEN_083-2573820222-O SAGEECOGARDEN_078-2573819193-O SAGEECOGARDEN_091-2573822155-OSAGEECOGARDEN_115-2573827808-O SAGEECOGARDEN_109-2573826306-O SAGEECOGARDEN_104-2573824963-O SAGEECOGARDEN_103-2573824800-O Taylerenerle.comSAGEECOGARDEN_064-2573815885-O SAGEECOGARDEN_065-2573815907-O

SAGEECOGARDEN_044-2573809973-O SAGEECOGARDEN_048-2573811078-OTaylerenerle.comSAGEECOGARDEN_074-2573817905-O SAGEECOGARDEN_066-2573816554-OUntitled-2SAGEECOGARDEN_130-2573830821-OSAGEECOGARDEN_170-2573842075-O SAGEECOGARDEN_179-2573843691-OSAGEECOGARDEN_222-2573851475-OSAGEECOGARDEN_234-2573853669-O SAGEECOGARDEN_270-2573860457-O SAGEECOGARDEN_276-2573861441-O SAGEECOGARDEN_312-2573869531-OSAGEECOGARDEN_313-2573869563-O
SAGEECOGARDEN_328-2573872998-OWasn’t that magical, we absolutely loved our team of vendors and models. Chanda and I  had a lot of fun with the Secret Garden theme, playing around with green hues and lush details. Ready to book a wedding with us at Sage Eco Gardens now?? 🙂

~ Sam

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