Valentine Romance

Has anybody else been a little overwhelmed by the excessive red hearts and teddy bears virtually spilling out of the isles in the grocery and retail stores?  It seems like there is a heightened sense of appreciation for the gawdy everywhere I look.  However, I am in the mood to refocus my preliminary days to Valentine’s with some super simple and romantic notions that come from the heart.  After all, this will be my 18th Valentine’s with Sean….I want to show him that my feelings are still fresh and true!  There may be a myriad of peeks and valleys spanning our life together, but he is still the only one for me….and I am NOT going to say that with some fluffy pink bear and chocolate heart.

So, I am out to create some things to show my thoughtfulness.  The most obvious route is making him his favorite meal….but I first need to come up with a sentimental way to create ambiance.  Enter some birch and a woodburner…..obviously 🙂

20140126_180312With a bit of sketching, I was ready to heat things up!

20140126_18041120140126_18071520140126_181237So simple, and the result is really lovely!  I am getting excited for our Valentine candlelit dinner!

20140126_183519Check back in next Sunday for some more Valentine inspiration for your honey!



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