Seasonal Sunday: Nourishing Shamrock Pancakes

Happy March, fellow Zesters!  It’s time for a little leprachaun shenanigans!

Can I get a woot-woot for chlorophyll?  It’s the magical biomolecule that plants use to absorb energy from the sun and makes them my FAVORITE color….GREEN!  Green is said to be the favorite color of geniuses (wow, that came off as a pat on my own back :/)…maybe that is because of all the fabulous nutrients that can be packed into that miraculous color!  So many awesome vitamins to feed our bodies….it is even a plant based protein.  Gosh, green is awesome!

So, how about for St. Patrick’s Day, you start off the morn with same chlorophyll that makes the shamrock awesome.  Put down the food coloring, and bust out some kale or spinach for a vibrant green pancake mix.  My kids got in on the action, and they were so impressed as they watched the chlorophyll break down and turn cow juice a bright spring green.  Check it out!


For our batch, we chose to use kale….but if you are worried that the flavor of kale may be too present for your kiddos, spinach is always a great flavorless option.  Whichever chlorophyll-rich choice you make, place your milk for your pancake mix into a blender and whirl it up with one cup of your greens. I let my kids actively participate in this one….I wanted them to take ownership and be excited about this creation.  I have found that when my kids feel like they are the chefs, they are way more willing to try new things.  However, you know your own kids….they may respond better to just seeing the magic of the finished product!


It’s important to let it blend for about a minute, as the blender will do it’s magic of continuing to break down the veggies until they have practically liquified (cuz your little kiddos would probably riot if they saw flecks of kale or spinach in their breakfast 🙂 ).


You can totally see the difference a minute can make in color!


Bright spring green!  Now, just add it into the bowl with the rest of your pancake mix ingredients (or your fav from scratch recipe).  I have been super happy with this Bisquick Gluten Free mix.  It has allowed me to actually eat what I make for breakfast!



The kids were having a blast with taking turns at the mixing!  Just look at that awesome green.  Now time to shamrock-it-up!


And the very last step is to use one of my new favorite ingredients, Kerrygold Butter from the grass-fed cows of the County Kerry in Ireland.  You can find this gem at Trader Joe’s and a ton of other markets.  It is so good and incredibly high in vitamin K-1….great for your bones n’ teeth!

All assembled and ready to devour!  So good!



The kids gave this recipe an A+


Strike that.  An A++


Seconds in their bellies, and I can feel good about a nutritional slam-dunk!  Nothin’ like a bit o’ St. Paddy’s Day whimsy to get a mega blast of  greens without a fight 🙂

Give this wee bit o’ magic a try for a scrumptious St. Patrick’s Day breakfast.  It will start the day off right 🙂



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