Find & Fix it Friday : “JOY” Fireplace Mantle

As you decorate your home with all the latest greatest cheer, don’t be shy with zestin’ up some thrift store treasures! Last Christmas I found these fun “J-O-Y”  letters from the thrift store for $2.00 each and never got around to making a gift. Well this year I couldn’t help but keep them to zest up my new home. I hope this inspires you to spell out your name…peace…noel…whatever you fancy! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA First off- look at that LAME fireplace. Time to “find n fix it!!” OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA First gather all your supplies… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIf you know me you know that I am all about efficiency- check out my new pallet! Simply us an old book and tear off each page as you go- no need to clean a plate or waste some perfectly good paper plates! (my old book is from this craft) OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASponge paint your elmer’s glue onto the surface of the letter. I only did the tops…not the sides. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATime to glitter! But once again- clean and efficient! Use a paper bag and then you won’t make a mess and  you will have an easy clean up. 🙂 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA After you sprinkle in your glitter go ahead and shake away. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Voila! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANext I knew I wanted to put a mirror above the fireplace to reflect all the fun glitter and candles I planned to use in decor. Scored this beauty at the swap meet for $15 back in the day. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Then I grabbed my good old handy friend: the command strip. Works great for mounting objects and doesn’t damage the wall/mirror. These ones even hold up to 16lbs! OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I mounted these on the mirror and then was inspired by Chanda’s fireplace  with my little mini Christmas trees. Also had to work in my cinnamon pine cones, mmmmMMMmmm. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Starting to feel the JOY of christmas, we even tackled the tree… OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Happy Zest Holiday! ~Sam

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