Seasonal Sunday: Happy Acres Goat Farm

Ahhhhhh, the stores are already decorating with wreaths and piping in Christmas music, but I’m not ready to let go of the Autumn season!  The weather here on the Central Coast is finally brisk and the leaves managed to do a bit of a show.  I don’t know, am I the only one who doesn’t want to rush through the holiday season with whip-lash?

In order to slow down the race to Christmas, I decided to take a jaunt to a special little place that I had been dying to check out.  So, I headed to Templeton, CA….but I had to get out of the car a couple of times to take in the beauty.

20131115_09594620131115_09584820131115_09543120131115_09564520131115_095603Can you feel the brisk air?  I guess I looked a little weird walking around with my camera ‘cuz a local pulled over and wanted to know if I had broken down….maybe not too many people are slowing down these days.

Enough philosophizing, onto my new special place, Happy Acres Family Farms!  Don’t you just love the name?!

20131115_094846Here is why I wanted to check this place out: about a year ago, I discovered their fresh goat milk skincare line and I haven’t gotten it off my mind.  Let’s face it, I’m very proud of every single laugh-line…. 20131029_083045They have been well earned and are literally a road map to my blessed life!  But, come on girls, if I can keep myself looking fresh, then I’m gonna do it!  Enter Happy Acres fantastic skincare line:

20131115_09421320131115_09422420131115_094422They have deliciously scented lotions and cremes that are organic and laden with goat milk, coconut oil, avocado oil, shea butter, and other fabulousness.  In fact, the night cream is scented with rose oil….such a treat!  The best part, I got some of my beauty shopping done while the kiddos enjoyed the farm!




Just remember, if you decide to check out this cool site, bring cash!  It’s all on the honor system….gotta love rural California!

20131115_094243Oh, and did I mention the cheese???  Their organic goat cheese is developing such notoriety that they have recently expanded with a creamery in Napa!  Seriously, if you are a foodie or a cheese-aholic like myself, you will be more than a tad happy 🙂  Yum.


Phew, I feel like things slowed down a bit.  Holler!!

Merry Christmas! (Dang it!!!)

I mean, Happy Fall!!



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