Ginger Lime Salt Scrub

Ahhhhhhh….we have only 3 days til Christmas!  All the parties are officially over, and it’s time to prepare for all the family coming into town.  WHAT?!  I haven’t even finished doing my Christmas shopping…how am I going to accomplish the task now that all the cooking is getting underway?

It was time to hunt through the cupboards and get creative for the holidays.  The result was a super easy and deliciously scented natural bath scrub that I just had to share.


Firstly, I rummaged through and found some cork in the garage.  Then a quick trip to the kitchen produced mason jars and kosher salt.

I decided to make a scrub with some of my favorite aromas in the kitchen, lime (I used the zest of 4 limes)…


and ginger (I grated a frozen 1 inch piece)….

DSC_3333Mmmmmm, the smell was so good.  Know time for some oil.  Previously, I used coconut oil….but I honestly love the moisturizing feeling of olive oil (I often times will splash some on my hands after cooking and washing up in the kitchen).

DSC_3335Mix up the salt, lime and ginger….and then add in 1/4 cup of olive oil.

DSC_3338It was looking gorgeous.

Now, for completing the packaging for a very merry Christmas gift!

DSC_3342I used the lid insert to trace onto my cork board (the kind that you can buy at a craft store or hardware store).  I quickly realized that due to it’s thickness, my lid would not close.  So, I remedied it by using the circle cut-out in the ring lid instead.

Time for a homey label using a sharpie.

DSC_3347With a little hot gluing, my lid was finished….and so was the gift!  One more Christmas gift down!!!  Wahoooooo!!!

DSC_3363I love this gift!  Pairing it with a mercury glass (check out our diy here) candle makes for a gift pairing packed with ambiance!  Maybe I will crochet a wool washcloth to go with them….oh, I wish time would stand still for a sec!!

Merry Christmas and happy shopping/DIYing!



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