Scarf Wrapped Pillows

It can get expensive to decorate for every holiday, but let’s face it- that’s half the fun of holidays- decorating the home to get in the spirit. I mean just imagine Christmas without a tree or stalkings or Thanksgiving without a turkey here and there? You feeling me or is that just the design blogger coming out in me? Don’t worry peeps- I am not that person that goes crazy for each holiday, too much work! But I do enjoy some festive color here and there and I imagine one day when we have kids it will be a highlight to decorate with them and see their excitement. But with all that said, who is ready for Memorial day this weekend? I am SO ready. I have the house projects list scrolling in my head and am excited to have some time with the hubby. But before all that comes to play, let’s get festive with an inexpensive way to “zest” up your basic couch cushions. You could do this for any holiday or even just everyday living, so many possibilities!


Scarfs (I got my festive ones from the dollar store)


holiday pillows decoration_0000

First I took a basic navy blue rectangular pillow and added some flair with red white and blue color.

holiday pillows decoration_0001holiday pillows decoration_0002

This next pillow I wanted to disguise a bit more so I covered the entire front with the scarf..

holiday pillows decoration_0003holiday pillows decoration_0004

I pulled both sides up and then did a cross over twist…

holiday pillows decoration_0005holiday pillows decoration_0006

My scarf was just a little shy to tie in the back so you can secure with safety pins…

holiday pillows decoration_0007holiday pillows decoration_0008holiday pillows decoration_0009holiday pillows decoration_0010

Voila! These will be so fun for 4th of July too!!

holiday pillows decoration_0011

Happy wrapping!



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