Scalloped Accent Wall

Hello friends!! Remember my guest bedroom that I zested a few weeks back?? Well today we are going to get zesty with a new accent wall. I love subtle geometric patterns and funky different accent walls. I love honeycomb and chevron and all those fun trendy walls we are seeing all across pinterest, but I must admit I don’t have the patience for those, nor am I a perfectionist. Which is why I was super excited about this wall, not only is it a bit more unique but oh so easy as well!!

The Before…



14″ cake circles (from Michaels)

Sharpie Gold paint pen

Scissors, ruler


First I mapped out my gameplan to have the scallops creating to panels on the side of my “headboard”


Next I set out to find the center of the wall and taped off the section I wanted to pain blue as my “headboard”


After painting the blue strip I could see it all starting to come together- yay!


Now it’s time to get scalloping! The first row is the easiest, simply cut the cake circle in half and trace the outside of the cardboard with the gold paint pen…


After doing the first row you will want to also cut a circle into a 1/4 section to help when you get into corners and come close to the other wall. When it comes to making the next scallop I suggest drawing a line right down the center to line up the next scallop in the middle.


Just keep moving from row to row, make sure you are being consistent with thickness for the pen as well as keeping the center line in the middle of the previous scallop


Now to prep the main piece, my canvas that will serve as my “headboard”


A quick and easy paint job…


And now for the finished product!




I love how the scallops turned out!! They are subtle but yet make a statement that brings texture and detail to the wall. LOVE!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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