Savouring Saturday: Soft Polenta with Portobello & Tomato Ragout (annnndddd “Jackie D”)

Today was beyond fabulous!  How could a day spent in Morro Bay, hitting at least 20 garage sales in the sunshine and sea-breeze be anything else?  Completely fabulous!  We will have to show you some pix of our fabulous finds on Thrift Thursday……sooooo awesome!

In the meantime, how about a quickie dinner that is both healthful and revved up with a bit of a party (thanks to some Jack Daniel’s!)

Start with some fresh ingredients: portobellos, grape tomatoes, fresh rosemary and olive oil.

20140225_17264920140225_17323220140225_17331420140225_17404420140225_174101Saute and simmer away….but don’t forget to give it a kick with some “Jackie D”!

20140225_175254While that is simmering and becoming even more delish, start a pot of water to boil.  Four cups to one cup of polenta mix.

20140225_17345420140225_173623Make sure to add the polenta slowly, while whisking the entire time….so, NO lumps.

20140225_173806Stir until it thickens and bubbles.

20140225_173855Now add some cream, salt n’ peppa, and some Parmesan cheese.

20140225_17422420140225_17440020140225_17424520140225_174456Creamy goodness!  Time to plate and add some ragout!

20140225_17564120140225_175652So delicious…hearty, healthy and comforting!


Bon apetit!



Soft Polenta with portobello ragout

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