Savouring Saturday: Kumquat, Mascarpone & Pistachio Creations

A few weeks ago Billy and I went to a our friend Kelly & Bobby’s house for dinner and were introduced to Kelly’s family recipe, meet the amazing kumquat/mascarpone/pistachio combo!!! The perfect blend of creamy with a citrus and salty crunch-YUM! I ate so many that night that days later I was craving this tasty appetizer for a snack, and not gonna lie- I felt decently healthy eating it 🙂 Other advantage? It’s gluten free too! Also? You can grab all your ingredients at your local trader joes- gotta love a one stop shop.



  • kumquats
  • mascarpone (or goat cheese if you prefer)
  • pistachios (you can buy just the nut meat in a bag at Trader Joes)


First slice your kumquats in half and then scoop out the flesh inside. You can eat it or toss it! Then spread some mascarpone on the inside of the peel, using the kumquat as a little “bowl” for the mascarpone. Next top with a few pistachios and munch away!


Slice your kumquats in half, gotta love that gorgeous color!

IMG_9327Next scoop out the inside flesh, you want to create a small “bowl” with the rind. You can eat the flesh if you want 🙂

IMG_9328Next add your mascarpone or goat cheese, just fill your lil bowl up!

IMG_9330And top her off with a few pistachios nuts, gotta love the salty crunch it adds!

IMG_9329Aren’t they gorgeous?!? Lay these suckers out on a nice clean white plate and BAM gotta love the color punch of freshness!

Hope you enjoy and savor this saturday!


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