Savouring Saturday: Bleu Cheese Mousse Crostini with Crisp Apples and Spiced Pecans

Haha I love this post!  It is birthed out of necessity and our commercial kitchen hours this week!  Sometimes, when you are cooking for 450 people, you just plain-old NOT tempted by the foods that surround you.  In fact, most of the time, Sam and completely forget to eat….until we are in the danger zone of starvation and migraines.  I know it sounds like a bit of a weird anomaly, but at least Sam and I have it in common.  The result?  We are constantly looking after each other, and trying to make sure that we stave-off having to “snack” on ibuprofen.  Sometimes it is just easier to take care of someone else than it is to take care on oneself….I know, another anomaly! 😉

Back to today’s post!  We were getting close to that migraine “danger zone,” so we needed to make a snack, STAT.  Looking around at our food stocked comm, we decided on some crostinis.  Check out these delicious little creations.  I think some of the best recipes come from spontaneous creativity and hunger 😉 Don’t you??

Bleu_cheese_mousse_crostini_with_apples_and_spiced_pecans_0165Obviously, we were already making crostinis….haha I would never admit to making this amount of crostinis for just Samantha and I to gobble up!  Just a little olive oil and sea salt, then into the oven with these cuties.

Bleu_cheese_mousse_crostini_with_apples_and_spiced_pecans_0166Next step, bleu cheese mousse.  This is a great one if you know you are feeding a crowd that might not be that keen on the strong flavor of bleu cheese.  (AKA this is a great introduction to the flavor for kids….and those timid adults).  I simply mixed 1 part cream cheese to 1 part bleu cheese.  Obviously, if you want less of the strong bleu flavor, just add a slightly larger portion of cream cheese.  Now, just mix!

Time for some Fall fresh apples!

Bleu_cheese_mousse_crostini_with_apples_and_spiced_pecans_0168I love cutting these into “matchsticks”….just thinly slice, stack and then cut again.  Super easy.  Oh, and do not forget a tiny squeeze of lemon…nobody likes brown apples!

Bleu_cheese_mousse_crostini_with_apples_and_spiced_pecans_0169Last step is assembly.  Smear on the mousse, and then pile with apples.  The piece d’resistance!  We just happened to be making some spiced pecans for a wedding….so I decided to make that the topper.

Bleu_cheese_mousse_crostini_with_apples_and_spiced_pecans_0170These beauties are easy, just mix some pecans with an egg white, brown sugar, and some cayenne for a nice kick along with the sweet.  Bake at 350* for approximately 15 minutes.  Just stir in the middle of cooking.  Obviously, do not walk away too far….nuts have a bad reputation for burning 🙂  But, the flavor is soooo worth it!


Bleu_cheese_mousse_crostini_with_apples_and_spiced_pecans_0167And so delicious!

Bon apetit peeps!

Gotta get back to cooking 🙂





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