Savouring Saturday: A Mediterranean Scramble

20140114_090411(pp_w645_h483)Good morning, lovelies!

Today I have a real treat for you….one of my favorite breakfasts to start the day.  Maybe you are more pulled together than I, but I generally have a tough time making sure that I get well-balanced and deeply nutritional food during my hustle n’ bustle of a day.  Sometimes I have those stellar moments that make me feel like a rock-star.  You know those days, the ones where you prepare yourself an awesome breakfast, you pack a rad lunch that makes you look like a nutritional genius, and you manage to make a dinner for the fam that includes a salad, a main dish and two sides that the kids scarf despite it being healthy.  Haha….those are good days….no, those are great days!

And then there are the usual days.  Days that I forget to eat until I’m ravenous and then make bad decisions.  Days when the only veggies at the table are some raw carrots or sugar snap peas.  Yikes!  In honor of those days, I usually try to start my day with a fruit and veggie smoothie loaded with vegan protein…or if I have a skosh more time, I make this fabulous scramble!

20140114_084328This dish is awesome because it is rich in potassium and vitamins A & C.  And let’s not forget the magical brain power of eggs or the absolute yum-factor of feta cheese!  So good.

20140114_084314Just halve a pint of cherry tomatoes, or chop one whole tomato.

20140114_085209Chop the kale into small pieces…that way it cooks quickly and it is an easy bite.  Mince 4 large cloves of garlic (or if they are tiny like mine, mince up 6 cloves).

20140114_084749Saute the kale and garlic in coconut oil (or butter) first.

20140114_085226Once the kale is wilted and tender, add in the tomatoes.  I love to cook the tomatoes just a little bit before I add the eggs, letting them retain their fresh flavor.

20140114_085309Then I salt and pepper my eggs….and then scramble 🙂

20140114_08520320140114_085522As the egg cooks, add in the feta cheese.

20140114_08563020140114_085704And that’s a wrap!  All done 🙂

I serve this luscious breakfast with gluten free toast slathered in coconut oil and black olive jam…a habit I picked up from my sister that is totally addicting.


20140114_090353Bon apetit and bon sante!



Mediterranean Scramble

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