Salvaged Coffee Table

In my move last month, I had to let go of a gorgeous coffee table because of it’s unruly size.  For a couple of weeks, I lived entirely without (actually, I used an upside down crate and a tray…it worked, but not my favorite).  Enter this gorgeous relic:

photo-20photo-16As you can see, this cutie had spent a lot of the time sunbathing, aging her probably beyond her years.  No worries, I figured that I could just bust out some wood glue and C-clamps in order to repair all the lifting veneer.

photo-19Genius idea, right?  Super simple and easy….except that everywhere I looked, it needed glue.  I’m afraid that my patience wasn’t good enough to tolerate so much gluing and clamping.  So, I opted for another tool….the spatula!

photo-18At first, I was rejoicing with my clever alteration to original plans.  The veneer was simply popping off.  Unfortunately, the story changed as I moved away from the edges toward the center of the top.  Man, this project bit back as I struggled for what seemed to be at least two hours.  When you slip with a spatula, it’s amazing how quickly it can, and will, slice you.  Ouch!  However, I’d say it was worth the time and pain when the surface starts looking this gorgeous!

photo-17With a quick sanding, the surface was smooth enough for a polyurethane seal.  I chose to give this table three coats (allowing for drying time according to manufacturers directions).

DSC_1724After that ridiculous struggle, it was time for paint and wax!

DSC_1726As usual, the texture was yummy.  I love this piece!!  It is so luscious, and works so beautifully in my space.  Sorry, NOT FOR SALE 🙂

photo-14I count this a job well done.  I love seeing transformations like this….and if you are coming to the Bridal Expo at the Madonna Convention Center this weekend, you can see this cutie up close and personal (as it’s so cute we had to include it in our design).


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