Salted Chocolate dipped watermelon

Seasonal Sunday

On these warm summer day’s nothing beats the heat quite like some icy watermelon. YUM! But not gonna lie, I love my chocolate too. This little creation is the perfect after dinner treat that is a little out of the box but still familiar enough to have peeps eagerly dive in. I am convinced if you dip anything with chocolate and sprinkle sea salt on it, you really can’t go wrong.


Dark chocolate

Sea Salt


Coconut oil (optional)

Simply slice up your watermelon, melt your dark chocolate, add coconut oil to your chocolate if you want to have a subtle coconut flavor (I am a coconut freak!) and then dunk away. Before your chocolate sets be sure to sprinkle with sea salt. BOOM!

watermelon dipped in chocolate_0000watermelon dipped in chocolate_0001

Enjoy your summer night!



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