Rustic Wood Plant Holder Decor

A few of my favorite things that are trending these days are…pothos , barn wood, & copper. Yep simply click on any of those links and you will lose yourself to the world of pinterest inspiration. I know because just typing in those words was oh so tempting after seeing all the pics pop up!! But with that said it’s one thing to pin a pic and another to actually do a project. Today I challenge you to bust out the power tools and get zestin’ with me!! Today’s project was not only inspired by plants, wood and copper- but also Brooke’s zesty project. Remember when she made this awesome air plant holder? Well now it’s my turn to put my own spin on it!!

First I measured my wood to be three equal panels….



Fence Board, the older the better in my book!

Saw or something to cut wood


Clear test tubes

Copper pipe straps



After I cut the wooden sections I drilled two holes on the top for the leather to hang the board and then attached the copper pipe holders….


All set?


Now to slide the test tube into place, you will want to make sure it is nice and tight


Next I cut a strip of leather to make a hanger on my plank


Fill with water and pop a plant inside, I used pothos because they root very well in water and are easy to care for…

Loving my trio!!


Just be sure to fill water in text tubes every week!



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