Royal Jelly Face Mask

Ever heard of Royal jelly?! Yep, me neither, until recently my mother in law mentioned it to me. I was telling her about my allergy issues this last year and how I need to ingest more honey/pollen and she told me about another great natural bee product- Royal Jelly!! “ROYAL” Jelly? Nope it’s not just “fancy” jelly but rather a honey bee secretion that they feed to larvae in the first three days and then to miss Queen bee herself too. Like honey is a source of energy for worker bees, Royal jelly triggers the development of Queen morphology including the development of ovaries to lay eggs!! Don’t you just love nature? It amazes me. All that to say, Royal Jelly has some pretty amazing benefits from increasing fertility and helping prevent diabetes to to easing menopausal and postmenopausal symptoms as well as improving collagen levels for skin! Hello face mask? I was excited to hear this because this past year I have been trying to make it a goal to do one face mask a week, not only is it a great way to care for my skin but it also forces me to slow down for a second and take care of myself! Home spa moment for sure. All that to say, I am going to share my latest face mask that I am loving… Royal Jelly!

When I first opened the jar of this specific brand it was pretty hard so I grabbed a popsicle stick and stirred it up. I would compare the consistency to peanut butter (and heck it looks like it too!)

I used the same popsicle stick to apply the jelly and spread on my face. Then I let it sit for about ten minutes (be careful, if you put too much it drips! Hahha)

Next I washed my face and my skin felt so soft and clean- loving it!! Now to keep my goal and do this once a week (at least). Feeling like a queen bee over here 💁🏼‍♀️

thanks queen bee!!

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