Rock n’ Roll Diner


If you are on the Central Coast and you are in the mood for a little kitschy, Rock n Roll Diner could be just what the doctor ordered!  In the 80’s and 90’s, I felt like there was such a trend of little 1950’s inspired diners popping up everywhere.  Growing up in Sherman Oaks CA we had two in just a couple miles distance from each other, and they were always bumpin’!

And why not?  Who does not love fries, burgers, and malts served up with a huge side of nostalgia for times gone by when things were slower and simpler.


Well, I was pretty excited that after living in San Luis Obispo county for a couple of years, I discovered this little gem in Oceano, CA.  A diner AND a 50’s theme?  Yes!!  Bring on kitschy!  I am ready!


My kids were eating up the whole vibe!


Everything was so bright and fun.


However, I think my favorite kitschy element about this diner is the menu!  They sport your traditional diner food alongside oak pit BBQ, Mexican and Greek eats.  It is like having four restaurants in one!


For this go around, I chose off of the Greek menu.


Garides (Shrimp with Feta)

Jumbo shrimp sauteed with fresh tomatoes, rice, vegetables & pita bread


Lamb Shish-Kabob

Marinated lamb on a skewer with onions and bell peppers served with rice, pita bread & a Greek salad


Say what?!?  A champagne brunch, too?  If it is possible for a restaurant to have a Dissociative Identity Disorder, then this is the place!

But who cares?  The grub is great and I am totally ready to have a mimosa on this patio just blocks away from the beach!


Stay young and have fun!



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