Reupholster Ottoman Zestin’

Hello Zesters!

Some of you may know, I recently moved! It has been a whirlwind of moving, catering weddings, being in weddings, and having family visit! Oh summer where art thou? Oh how I miss you…..sniff sniff. OK ok but in the mean time I have got a new crib to zest! Check out this ottoman, grrrrrrr- leopard. Although I am sure many of you can rock the leopard (ehhm my mother in law, Paula, is leopard queen, hence where I got this beauty) I think it clashes with my couch a tad. Shout out- Thanks Paula!!!! I needed something that wouldn’t compete with the couch texture, color, and was also durable. Ready for this??

Now it’s time to hit the fabric store, Beverly’s here I come!

IMG_5802 copyIMG_5801 copyI think the pillow matches nicely, what ya think? This is a nice textured upholstery fabric, I like that it is durable and won’t show much dirt-score!

IMG_5809 copyTime to disassemble!

IMG_5812 copyLay your fabric out and overlap the fabric on each edge…

IMG_5814IMG_5815 copyCutting the corners will allow for less bulk when stapling the fabric corners down

IMG_5816Gotta love the new power tools, as you can see you will love life more with a pneumatic staple gun! Make sure to pull the fabric nice and tight before you staple, works best with two people….one pulling fabric and one stapling.


Now we gotta “zest” it….

IMG_5822Voila! Double use- gotta love it! Thanks for zestin’ the new crib with me 🙂


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