ReStore, Habitat for Humanity thrift store

Find & Fix It Friday:

Today Chanda and I are excited to let you in on one of our favorite thrifty local hot spots. I know you are probably scratching your head every time we come up with some crazy craft or project that we say only cost us a few bucks, but we really mean it!! Our thrifting and crafting addiction is met without breaking the bank thanks to stores like ReStore. Whenever people ask I say, “it’s basically a Home Depot Thrift Store.” (did your heart just skip a beat? yep, love it). It’s a big playground of “find & fix it” projects just waiting to happen. And just when you didn’t think it could get much better, we have twoooooo stores. That’s right, count them out- t-w-o! Restore North County and Restore South County  both have their own treasures waiting for you to discover. But enough talking, let me give you a quick tour of the Templeton location….Anya’s new puppy may have going our little outing too!

restore templeton_0000restore templeton_0001restore templeton_0002restore templeton_0003restore templeton_0004restore templeton_0005restore templeton_0006restore templeton_0007restore templeton_0008restore templeton_0009restore templeton_0010restore templeton_0011

I think Rupert approved of this chair 🙂

Happy hunting!



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