Repurposed Slate Welcome Sign

Find & Fix it Friday

Oh, you know what junkers we are by now (if you have stopped by our blog before).  Sam and I get a total thrill from transforming junk into treasure that reflects style.  Yep, I said “thrill.”  I think I am going to coin it “Junker’s High!”

Case in point, when I found this old piece of slate that was once a stylish slate roof.  Yes, it had two holes in it, but the material was so cool that I knew I could transform it somehow… I brought it home.  A little head-scratching and furrowed brow was all it took to figure out what to do.  The obvious was to ignore the holes and use it as a cool cheese board (gahhh I love cheese too much!), but I went a slightly less predictable direction. Hahaha.  I saw a cool welcome sign floating around in my head….the perfect alternative to an outdated wreath, right?  Check it out! welcome sign_0000Supplies

1 piece of slate roof tile (or something with a similar feel)

cut rags from cotton cloth in your fav color

copper wire

leather scraps

Sharpie oil based white markerwelcome sign_0001Poking the rag strips through the holes, I pulled it through so that it would be longer in the front than the back.  Then, I cut the shorter back end in half, lengthwise.welcome sign_0003This allowed me to wrap it around the front, longer piece.  Making a simple knot, it felt very secure.welcome sign_0004Time to play with leather!  I am in love with tassels right now, so I cut strips for a leather tassel.  Ahhh, yes, my front door sign has gots to be swanky, y’all!welcome sign_0005Pulling the two long rags up, I made a simple knot and trimmed them so that they were only a couple of inches from the knot.
welcome sign_0006Then, I cut up those ends to make some rag tassels.welcome sign_0007Time to layer on the leather strands.  I simply layered them around my knot and then secured them by wrapping copper wire around the knot many, many, many times!
welcome sign_0008welcome sign_0009welcome sign_0010welcome sign_0011welcome sign_0012Now I have a cool, funky tassel.  I love the color combo of this peach cotton and stone colored suede.welcome sign_0013Since I loved the colors so much, I balanced things out by tying a couple of pieces of leather around the rag knots I made earlier.  So cute!  Like little leather bows.welcome sign_0014I thought it needed a little more, and I really wanted to see that copper wire!  So, I went a little wrap-crazy 🙂welcome sign_0015welcome sign_0016I love the texture that the wire created with the cotton rags!welcome sign_0017Now that my basic sign was ready to hang, it was time to scribe.welcome sign_0018Since my sign was so different, I decided against a traditional “Welcome” for my front door.welcome sign_0019Perfect!  You can hang this with a wreath hanger or a nail.  Your call!  But, I do recommend using some poster tacky stuff or museum wax on the back of the sign.  It will help secure the sign so it does not rattle every time some one opens and shuts the door (THAT would be annoying!).welcome sign_0020welcome sign_0021welcome sign_0022“Hello” friend!

Cheers to up-cycling and cheers to having an open door!



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