Refurbished Butcher Block

With our new office/studio space, there will be a heap-load of thrifty projects.  It has kind of been amazing to see all the random transformations and creations that have already occurred.  Lots of love, sweat, and giggles (not tears, big girls don’t cry) have gone into making this once appliance repair shop into a Zesty HQ.

Here is a little peek at one of our projects.  As we sorted through appliances, left over pizzas, and just your run-of-the-mill trash, we discovered this gem:


It had been used as a work bench and storage shelf…but the cook in me was like “HECK YEESSSSS!!!”

A little sanding, some basic wood repair and some butcher block conditioner will have this basic piece singing again!  It’s important to work from a rough sandpaper all the way down to using a fine sandpaper for a butcher block because there won’t be any thick coats of polyurethane to hide a rough finish.

butcher block_0000

I wish I could say that this was a legit butcher block, but it is basically a table with an apron made to look like a massive butcher block.  Don’t care….it’s cool enough for me.  So, I used some wood glue and some basic wood screws to help solidify any pieces of the table that wanted to pop up after a good sanding.

butcher block_0001butcher block_0002

Make sure to use a damp cloth to wipe off any excess glue once the boards are screwed down tight.

butcher block_0003butcher block_0004

My next problem was the old, cracked wood putty.  Time to do a fresh fill on the table.

butcher block_0005

Using wood putty and a spatula, I scoured over the surface of the table looking for cracks to fill.  Warning: this can become quite addictive.  I feel like once I start this process, it is hard to stop…you start filling in things that are microcosmic. Eventually, you just have to put the spatula down and walk away.  Let it dry before you give it one last run-over with the sander and fine grit sandpaper.

butcher block_0006

Don’t forget to cover up those sunken screws, too!

butcher block_0011

After wiping the block clean of any dust or debris, it is time to condition the wood.  Butcher block conditioner is a food safe product that protects the wood beautifully.

butcher block_0007

As soon as the oil touches the wood, you see an immediate color change.  I love what this does for the grain of the wood…so beautiful!

butcher block_0008butcher block_0009

I love that even after a good sanding, I still get to see some of the old scarring from another chef’s blades.  A little poetic.

butcher block_0010

Since the legs needed a little TLC as well, I decided to sand some more.  Much to my happiness, sanding began to reveal multiple colors of paint.  It just happened to be perfection that the main color was green!  Green is our signature color 😉

Whelp, this was a job well done, even though it was a tiny one in proportion to the rest of the space.  However, I am seriously stoked on this being a piece birthed out of the ashes….or at least out of the trash!

Get refurbishing peeps!  One mans trash…..



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