Recycled Jewelry

Ever get bored with your jewelry and want to Zest things up a little without breaking the bank? Well let me show you one of my favorite tricks to do this- as you can see from below I am quite the hoarder. Haha- I usually get all my pendants from the swap meet, garage sales, or other necklaces- which means they all cost under a buck! Score!


Here is a cute necklace I got from a garage sale down in San Diego probably about a year ago, I still have not worn it! It just seems to be too much going on in one place, and a little too busy and chunky for me- so time for the disassemble! (by the way i got this necklace for .50 cents!)


Look at all the fun possibilities… (simply buy chains/earring holders from Michael’s or your nearest craft store- which again only cost me a few bucks)


Now I just have a few chains that I switch out the pendants with and never get bored with the countless combos!

Thanks for Zestin’ as always!


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  1. cerz. Speszony Arnold dolał miodu z dzbana.
    – wholemeal Podczas gdy nie godzi się posłowi
    składać relację… – A także w taki sposób to ale powiesz razu jednego komturowi.
    Wreszcie z trudem po owe tu
    przebywasz. – Owszem, rzekomo prawdziwość…

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