Quick Halloween Costume from the Dollar Store

The time is drawing near when terrible two year olds and tiresome three year olds turn into pumpkins and pirates.  Excitement is in the air and imaginations take flight as about-to-be trick-or-treaters dream and scheme their best disguise.  Will the kiddos choose Disney or something more grizzly?  The trends are endless, but the most universal is to have fun!

I feel like this is the time of year that turns everyone into a child.  With three kids, I have a blast trying to make their chosen persona come to life.  Wigs, makeup, fabric glue, dying, and sometimes even sewing.  I can get so carried away that I completely forget about myself.  Have you ever found yourself needing to throw a costume together in 0.6 seconds?  It is kind of a tradition for me…so here is a little idea that could help any of you procrastinators out there who still want to join in on the fun!halloween costume facepaint_0000

A quick inspiration trip to the dollar store turned up some unexpected finds.  I thought this riding hat had an eerie quality and I knew it would pair easily with black and white clothes from my closet.  So, I decided to play up the eerie and grabbed a couple of face paint kits.  Total spent = $3

halloween costume facepaint_0001

With my hair pulled back, I used a sponge to paint my face white.  Since the paint was not the best in quality (aka pretty transparent), I decided to use a little flour to dust my face in an effort to make myself more ghostly.

halloween costume facepaint_0002

Using the black, I sponged large circles over my eyes.  I made sure that I brought it clear up to my brow line so that my eyebrows would disappear and not be a focal point.

halloween costume facepaint_0003

Using some black liquid eyeliner and a brush, I started to rim my eyes and blend the dark to meet the lighter shades.

halloween costume facepaint_0004

The final touch was some red lipstick.

halloween costume facepaint_0005

With a white buttoned up shirt and a jacket, my hat was looking ghoulishly fabulous!

halloween costume facepaint_0007

Cheers to a little Halloween fun!



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