Quick Essential Oil Sea Salt Scrub Gift

Who else can hardly believe that it’s practically mid December already? You guys, I am so behind on my Christmas shopping and “Elfing” that I am seriously on the verge of a panic attack! No seriously, life has been such a whirlwind that I am consciously having to choose to not think about exactly how unprepared I am…you know, kinda taking it one day at a time. I can already feel that this season will be about having grace for myself. Sounds kinda selfish, huh? I know it seems unconventional to be focusing on myself during the Christmas season, but having grace for myself means that I won’t be sacrificing all my time and sanity in pursuit of being the perfect “Martha Stewart.” I feel like I am highly susceptible to getting so caught up with creating the “perfect” Christmas experience for my kids, family and friends, that I loose the moments. Those simple moments of just being together…without the ticker tape of my to-do list going off in my head and preventing me from truly being present. So yes, I am planing on having more grace for myself this season. Less striving for perfection, and more living in the moment while really being present for my loved ones. I want to engage rather than just be in the photos.
With that little philosophical rant all wrapped up and tied off with a bow, I have to admit that I can’t keep away from DIYing a few presents this year. It just wouldn’t feel like Christmas without a little Elf magic, right? The trick is hand-making gifts on the simpler side, so that the thoughtfulness outweighs the time absorption. The idea is to make a gift for someone that lets them know you are thinking about them while balancing the ability to actually spend time with them! Ok, enough words…on with the tutorial!

Supplies for the essential oil sea salt scrub: olive oil, sea salt, eucalyptus oil, orange oil and rosemary oil

1 cup of coarse sea salt
1/2 olive oil
10 drops of eucalyptus oil
10 drops of orange oil
10 drops of rosemary oil
mason jar
wooden spoon (optional)

Add the olive oil to the coarse sea salt for the sea salt scrub

Start by simply combining the ingredients and giving everything a good mix. Feel free to play with the essential oil combinations here. I am currently crushing on the invigorating mix of eucalyptus, orange and rosemary. The aroma feels very holiday-spa…if that’s a thing.
Hahaha, the best part about making this gift is that it’s so simple you can be distracted by nerds like Sam’s hubby, Billy! Like I said…my aim is quality time with friends and fam (and laughs with Billy and Sam are definitely high up on the list)!

Adding ten drops of orange essential oil to the salt scrub mixture
Adding ten drops of orange essential oil to the salt scrub mixture
piling the essential oil salt scrub into a four ounce mason jar

This mix is truly lovely! The sea salt will help detoxify and exfoliate, while the moisturizing olive oil will treat the freshly revealed skin to an abundance of antioxidants. Mixed with aroma therapy and antimicrobial benefits of rosemary and orange, this salt scrub packs a wallop of good health.
Once all of those yummy ingredients are mixed up well, it’s time to package up the natural bath salts prettily. I have a legitmate love of wooden spoons, so I lashed a mini to the mason jar for a cute rustic touch that personalizes it as a “Chanda gift.”

essential oil salt scrub

I love that this gift brings good health and a little bit of stress relief to the recipient. Good health and peace are a perfect paring in gift giving!
Merry Christmas, lovelies! I hope you find time to be present amongst all the presents!

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