Quick DIY Fountain Made from Pots

Trendy Tuesday

Spring is in the air!  It is time to get outside and start sprucing things up.  It’s a trend that NEVER goes out.  I love tending all the plants that are waking up from winter, and visiting my local nursery to see what new arrivals will tempt me into improving the color and lushness of my yard.  I admit it, it’s kind of an addiction.  I can’t help it, it feels so productive while decreasing my stress exponentially.  There is something so darn therapeutic about getting outside, feeling the warmth on my back, breathing fresh air and making things beautiful.  Yes, massages are a must, but this stress release makes me feel like I am accomplishing something while I Zen-out.

What relaxes me even more?  The sound of moving water.  Shopping at my local Restore, I found these adorable geometric pots for almost nothing.  At first, I figured I would plant them.  However, once I got them home, I realized they would make a sweet fountain to nestle in amongst my plantings.

pot garden fountain_0000


1 gallon ceramic pot

1 quart ceramic pot

small terra cotta pot (got mine at the 99C Store)

1.5′ of 1/2″ vinyl hosing

water pump


one small river rock

pot garden fountain_0001

I LOVE finding deals.  Such a rush finding treasures that don’t break the bank.  This gallon pot only cost $8.50 at Restore, and the quart sized one was $3.50.  I decided to make a fountain after realizing that their drainage holes already had rubber stoppers with a silicone seal.  If you have a large pot that already has a drainage hole, it is pretty easy to measure, find a rubber stopper at a hardware store and seal it in place with silicone.  Not gonna lie, it was nice that the work was already done, though. 😉

pot garden fountain_0002

I left the drainage plug in place for the large pot, but I needed to remove the plug in the smaller pot.  Using a drill popped it out super fast.

pot garden fountain_0003

This is quick everyone.  Watch!  Fill up the large pot with water.

pot garden fountain_0004

Attach the vinyl hosing to your small pump (I picked mine up at Miners Ace Hardware).

pot garden fountain_0005pot garden fountain_0006

Place the pump in the bottom of the large pot and stick the hosing through your inverted terra cotta pot.  Then, nestle it down over your pump.

pot garden fountain_0007

Grab your small decorative pot, invert it, insert the hose and nestle it down over the terra cotta pot.
pot garden fountain_0009

Using scissors or an exacto blade, trim your hosing to be pretty flush with the the top (or actually the bottom) of your small decorative pot.  Last step is to simply place a river rock on top of the hose to create a lovely trickle of water once you turn the pump on.

pot garden fountain_0010

Ahhhh, now my gardening time is even more stress-relieving!  Thank goodness….cuz this is going to be a busy wedding season for us!

Cheers to spring and getting your green on!



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