Quick DIY Fireplace Screen with Modern Lines

I have passed by those uber cool radiator screens at just about every hardware store known to man!  Every darn time, I have been compelled to sort through them for a few minutes to admire the patterning and metallic finishes.  Basically, I have been dying to find an excuse to pick a favorite and buy one.  Have you ever had a material that thrills you to purchase, regardless of the project.  I mean, I was so stinking happy to be loading up this copper toned beauty with all the triangular designs punched out of the metal.  I strongly feel that there are a million projects simply begging for a material this cool!


Some candle holders are on my must make list…but for now, I decided to bust out the power tools and give my fireplace a bit of a makeover.  A crackling fire is always gorgeous, but a black hollow sitting empty all summer long gets pretty dull.  So, I decided to make a fireplace screen that would reflect the morning and late afternoon sunlight with beauty.


Obviously, you could cut the screen to any custom size.  However, I really wanted to take advantage of all that edgy pattern, so I cut a simple frame to fit the full size with  some 2″X4″ pine pieces.


I kept the design crazy simple.  Using some flat L brackets, I cut horizontal pieces and two vertical pieces.  Attach them with the L brackets on the back-side.


Using a square ruler will help you to keep things straight 🙂


Hahaha I was busy “making do” here!  I did not have 4 brackets, so I used some old hinges to hold things together.  I am not one to be stopped in the middle of a project for something a stupid as a shortage of material 😉


Time to create feet for my screen so that it can actually stand up!  I kept with the triangular theme and cut out four simple triangles with my saw that I could attach on either side of the screen for stability….I would not want this beauty falling on anyone!


“Feet” attached, it was time for some shou sugi ban!  Torching the surface of the wood gave me a beautiful blackened surface that I knew would make the copper radiator screen stand out like a show-stopper!  Besides, a burnt surface is kind of poetic for a fireplace.


Flipping my frame so that the wrong side was facing up, I simply attached the metal screen with wood screws.  It was fast and easy!


My very last step was to polish the surface with our Spoon Butter.  I was so pleased with my little creation that I immediately had to see what it looked like at Sam’s fireplace (since I was building it at her house for project day 🙂 ).


I was so excited to get it home to my squared-off fireplace and dark river rock hearth!  I will have to add a pic for you 😉

Grab some power tools this weekend and get creative!



Photos Credit to: Jessica Helton

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