Puzzle Piece Snowflake Ornaments

Have you gotten your christmas tree yet? How do you decorate your tree? Do you have a “themed tree” Or better yet do you have more than one tree? Whelp- since I am still the newly wed and all I am still slowly building up my christmas ornaments. A good idea Billy and I had when we first started dating (5 years ago) we would buy a ย new ornament together every year or get one from our parents- needless to say when we were married we at least had a few sentimental ones to start us off ๐Ÿ™‚ Now the crafting queen in me gets busy making a new one every year. Here is the latest….snowflake puzzles! This would be a great craft to do as a present, hang off a bottle of wine or a box as a cute tag? Lets get to work….

Start with a mini puzzle- I got mine from Dollar store and it was winnie the pooh, but as you can see- no moreeeeee- because step one: spray paint them!

Next comes the bling bling, bring on the glitter! Do this step quickly after spray painting (or maybe even spray 1/2 then glitter, then spray and glitter other 1/2 so doesn’t dry).

Start to hot glue the piece together by creating a main center in which you attach each side to….

see it building up?

And there you have it starting to create shape- you could make lots of sizes, after all no snowflake is the same!

And there you have it! You could even add your kid’s names, the year, anything fun to personalize your snowflake more ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for zestin’


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