“No one is born a great cook,
one learns by doing”
– Julia Childs

Our heart at Zest it Up is to share the passion for great food.  Meals are what we use to mark important moments, and how we bring people together on a daily basis.  It is how we unwind from a long day, and how we nourish our bodies and minds. It does not require one to be a master chef, but to simply be excited and fearless in the kitchen. That is what makes for a great cook!


Gather your group and join us in the kitchen!  Classes are held in our commercial kitchen, and will run the scope of two hours.  During which time, we will prepare a three course meal together while learning tips, tricks, and techniques along the way.  Feel free to bring your own wine to enjoy as we cook and dine, but be ready to get your hands dirty in the process. Menus are seasonal and dependent upon attendees’ food sensitivities. Let’s be fearless in the kitchen together!


This interactive class is designed for couples who are looking for a unique way to spend an evening.  Held in our commercial kitchen, we will prepare a three course meal together. From chopping to sauteing and flambeing, you will learn how to improve upon your skills in the kitchen and expand upon your usual cooking routine. At the end of class, you are escorted to a beautifully set table at the Zest Studio where you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. A candlelit dinner and dessert enjoyed with soft music playing in the background.  A truly intimate, VIP experience to shake up the usual restaurant date for you and your special someone. Feel free to bring your own bottle of wine to enjoy as you cook and dine.


Time to have some fun and get comfy in the kitchen! Whether you are a parent looking for new opportunities to help your kiddo learn and grow, or you are ready to master some new skills yourself, ZEST has got you covered! Designed to be interactive, cooking classes with ZEST range in skill-set but always focus on breaking down the mystic of good food. The best part of every class is when we all get to dig into the yummy food we created together! Basically, it’s dinner and a show! Please note that these classes are on a rotational, and seasonal schedule, so check back often to see what is up and coming!