Preparing for the MGE Underground Party

What’s Up Wednesday

Remember our MGE Underground party last year?  Or even the year before? We loveeeedddd the Prohibition and Casino theme but onto celebrate another fabulous year- and with that we need a new theme! We loved their idea to have a classy winter wonderland inspired evening. We are excited to make the room as white as possible from linens and candles to an entire white dessert play- want to see some of our inspiration?

Bleached Tablescape_DSC_9029

winter 2winter

SO as you can see we will have some classy touches like milk glass & elegant mercury glass candles but then some soft and feathery babies breath mixed with the rustic woodland feel. With that we had to go collect acorns to spray paint white! We thought we would invite you along for our acorn adventure that happen to take place while it was raining- because why wouldn’t one collect acorns in the rain?


The rainbow made for quite an epic moment-ha!


Excited to zest a winter wonderland!


Sam & Chanda

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