Preparing for New Year’s Resolutions

As our time has been blessedly full of celebration, family, friends, and amazing food, it is time to ponder the beginnings of a new year.  2015 has been so amazingly awesome for Sam & I, as we trail blaze Zest while dreaming big.  It is so much fun growing a business together and letting our creative juices grow…I cannot express how alive it makes us feel!  Such an adventure!!  However, that adventure can be so busy at times that we loose balance.  SO, for 2016 we are looking to establish so New Year Resolutions that help us find that balance.  Here is a peek at some of our resolutions this year….maybe they will ring true for you, too!!


Chanda & Sam


Balancing family/friend quality time with work by being very intentional and present.



Have intentional time for dating our hubbies!  Oh, and double dates, too!  Billy and Sean time 🙂



Focus on a workout lifestyle that incorporates aerobic and strength with the beauty of yoga for distressing and slowing down.  Make sure to work in running and hiking…we live on the gorgeous Central Coast, so we have GOT to get outside and enjoy!



Eat more veggies!!!  Work veggies even into our breakfast every morning, and make sure to have AT LEAST one veggie at every snack.  Get creative!!



Drink more water!!!  Start the day with lemon water or apple cider vinegar water for a boost of natural health to start the day and then follow with legit hydration all day by carrying around personal water bottles.



Make sure to enjoy where we live.  Staycation activities are a must for 2016….it is a crime to not take time for all the amazingness of San Luis Obispo County! Here is their 2016 calendar of events to check out!!



Dedicate one day a week to the books!  While we love to invest time in creativity and marketing, we want to prioritize the boring stuff LOL.  It’s a worthy sacrifice for our baby Zest!

ZEST-16 copy

What are your New Years Resolutions?!

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