Porto’s Bakery in Burbank, CA


A couple of weeks ago, Sam and I took a little day trip….or maybe it’s best to classify it as a playdate.  Anyhew, we trekked down to Ikea in Burbank, CA for a pilgrimage to shop for our new space.  Kind of an epic day in my book.  Roadtrippin’ with my bestie with the culmination of a massive shopping spree at my favorite Scandinavian haunt.  We scored and came back with so many pretties for our new office space and tasting room….we can’t wait to show you!

Of course, no road trip would be complete without at least a couple of foodie stops along the way.  Since we were already going to be in Burbank, I had to share Porto’s Bakery with Sam.  I wish you had been there when she walked in, it was awesome!  Her eyes went so wide as she tried to take in all the hustle and bustle.  With the multiple designated lines, the display counters almost too numerous to count, and the shear volume of the place, it’s no surprise that her first words were, “this is a foodie’s Disneyland!”


Specializing in every type of pastry you can imagine, the bakery is almost overwhelming.  But, their lunch food is what I really wanted Sam to try.  I love living in San Luis Obispo, but I seriously miss the cultural eats that I can get in LA.  Porto’s has some of the most awesome Cuban influenced food around.  I adore their plantains, sammies and “street food.”



One of my favorites is what I call the quintessential comfort food: potato balls.  Warm mashed potatoes stuffed with meat, veggies and gravy, then rolled in breading and deep fried.  I think it meets just about every criteria for comfort food, right?  Warm, gravy, fried, potatoes….ahhhhhh I dream of these!  Sam freaked!!


I’m not going to lie.  We ordered way to much…and then saved some of it for a snack break in the rug department of Ikea.  But, that’s another story 😉


Sam ordered the chicken milanese sandwich while I ordered the cubano.  Oh boy, oh boy, the sauces and the succulents meats were EXACTLY what I remembered.  Sam is now hooked, too.


And then there was dessert……


Rows, and rows of desserts.  They actually had a pastry line completely separate from their “whole cakes line.”  So much hustle and bustle!  And sugar, oh the sugar!!!


We finally settled on a guava cheese danish and tricolored chocolate mousse.


Our eyes were happy, our tastebuds were happy, and our tummies were just a little too full 😉  The perfect start to our shopping spree!  I think all shopping sprees should start with a little pastry, right?

Foodies unite!



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