Popsicle stick hexagon shelf

If you have seen my house and specifically my master bedroom you will quickly learn that I dig geometric shapes and patterns, and hexagons or octagons specifically. Which is probably why I am more excited about this post than I should be, you see I have tried to make hexagon projects before and it was a struggle to get those perfect angles and cuts. This project was way more forgiving and also really fast to make! I would totally bust a few of these out to give as gifts or make multiple for my room to create a honeycomb pattern! You don’t need many supplies…start gathering!

  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Spray paint
  • Print out of hexagon (optional)
supplies shot of hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, popsicle sticks and spray paint

First I found a hexagon online, simply searched google images, and printed out the hexagon as large as possible on my printer. It still wasn’t quite as large as I wanted it to be but I figured since it was just a stencil I could make it work. I laid out the popsicle sticks on the paper reflecting the shape and angles. Once I established what I thought was a perfect hexagon I went got to hot gluing. I overlapped each stick and glued them to each other.

print out hexagon shape, lay popsicles onto hexagon and overlap, then hot glue to make first hexagon

Once you have your first hexagon established you will want to create little space risers in between each new layer. This will make the shelf 3-D in a much faster time. I cut up some blue popsicle sticks I had since I don’t use that color as much, you can use any popsicle sticks you have extra! They will be painted eventually so color doesn’t matter. Simply cut the stick into smaller pieces and hot glue on each corner to create a “riser” for the next layer.

once you have one hexagon made cut popsicle sticks smaller and glue in between each layer to create risers and stack the hexagon shapes on top of each other

See how I used the space between each layer to create more depth….make sure to get all the hot glue gun strings pulled off.

pic of space between each layer to create more depth....make sure to get all the hot glue gun strings pulled off.

Take your creation outside and spray paint any color you desire, be sure to get inside the crevices and cracks.

spray paint shelf and get in between crackstime to hang the shelfyou can even slide a pic into slotplace an air plant on the shelf tooclose up of competed shelf

Oh happy day, it’s SO cute!

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  1. At Halloween, I made one of these and turned it into a pumpkin shelf. I painted it orange, and added some upright pieces painted green to make a stem. I added some spooky accessories like a raven and some “spiderwebs”. After Halloween, I changed out the spooky bits for some pinecones and fall-inspired bits to add to my Thanksgiving décor.

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