Pink Himalayan Salt

I know we are all very familiar with salt and it’s amazing benefits- from the perfect saltiness to potato chips to salt scrubs and soaks when you need some pampering. But are you familiar with Himalayan Pink salt? Similar to table salt it has many uses but, I must say the fact that it comes in gorgeous shades from pink to off white just ups the visual appeal for me. This type of salt is one of the purest salts available for culinary, therapeutic and cosmetic uses.  The salt is hand-mined and derived from ancient sea salt deposits, many in Pakistan. To get a little guide to himalayan salt go here. 

Benefits of cooking with Himalayan Salt:

-When you cook on a salt block you will naturally add good minerals to the food. This extra hint of salt will help with health benefits like stabilizing hydration levels, balancing the pH level, reducing acid reflux and improving digestion

– The salt block is also anti-microbial so you don’t have to worry about germs on this food prep surface like others because it has a low moisture retention and low porosity.

-The block also has high temperature resistance, after heating it slowly you can get up to 700 degrees F making it great to sear scallops or thinly sliced hanger steaks-yum!

-Salt blocks can be heated or even chilled and used for curing. Or heck, they even make for a gorgeous serving platter.

-Ready to get inspired?? This cookbook is a must!

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Benefits of Himalayan Salt Candles:

Salt lamps are simply larger pieces of pure Himalayan salt with a small bulb or even a candle inside. It’s important to make sure that the lamp is pure himalayan crystal and not cheap imitation rock salt. Although the candles and lamps are strikingly gorgeous to set the ambiance, they also have many benefits of their own as well. Himalayan Salt lamps help with cleaning indoor air, reducing allergies and even help improve mood and stress. Why you ask? Bringing it back to the science, salt lamps create natural negative ions. Wanna get all nerdy and learn about the benefits of negative ions? Go here! 

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Hope you go get salty!



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